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Mark McDonough

Owner, Director, Patrol and Detection K-9 Trainer


  • Twenty one years experience as a K-9 officer and trainer

  • Seven years with SWAT (Graduate of FBI SWAT School)

  • Trained and worked four K-9's during his career with over 800 deployments resulting in K-9 arrests 

  • USPCA Certified Judge in Patrol

  • USPCA Past President & Training Coordinator of Region 12

  • Expert Witness in court in the field of K-9s 

  • Awarded for Valor on four occasions 

  • Competed in USPCA Field Trials with over 50 awards and placement in the top 10 nationally numerous times; in addition to being the 2015 Region 12 Champion, scoring 698.16 out of 700. 

  • Range Instructor and Distinguished Master Shooter 


Mark has trained over 200 K-9 officers from 50 different agencies in the upper midwest.


He conducts reality-based K-9 street scenario seminars and leads classes on effective utilization of K-9's in law enforcement. 


Mark has established international relations with the finest breeders in the Czech Republic to screen, evaluate and select the finest working K-9's for use in McDonough K-9's training program. 

Kenny McDonough

Single Purpose K-9 Handler

McDonough K-9 Instructor


  • Kenny is NAPWDA, USPCA and Advanced Explosive K-9 Technique Evaluation Certified.

  • He has been a single purpose K-9 handler since 2011 and has been immersed in the training process for over 10 years.

  • Kenny placed second in a national competition, and continuously strives for excellence with everyone he trains with. 

Reginald Larson

Police Department K-9 Officer

McDonough K-9 Instructor


  • Ten plus years as licensed peace officer/K-9 officer

  • Training canines with McDonough K-9 since 2009

  • Current police K-9 Handler working "Rex" 

  • USPCA Patrol Certified

  • USPCA Tracking Certified

  • USPCA National Narcotic Detection Certified

  • Over 5000 training hours 

  • Finished 5th place overall at 2015 USPCA Region 12 

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