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Mark McDonough established McDonough K-9 in 2000.


Mark worked as a police officer for 32 years and has 22 years of experience as a police K-9 handler and trainer.  During his time as a police officer, Mark worked four dogs.


McDonough K-9 provides exceptional working dogs for law enforcement agencies and family protection.


ALL of our trainers are current or retired K-9 police officers with years of law enforcement K-9 handler experience under their belt.


McDonough K-9 has trained hundreds of teams at police K-9 training seminars throughout Minnesota and the United States.


We hand select and import our dogs from the finest breeders and blood lines in the Czech Republic.


We offer fully trained Patrol dogs or green working dogs suitable for police work. We specialize in single and dual purpose canines.


Dogs from McDonough K-9 are trained according to USPCA Standards and excel in Tracking, Area Searches, Building Searches, Article Search/Evidence Recovery and Criminal Apprehension.


Our Detection dogs are trained to passively alert to odors of Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Crack, Cocaine and MDMA/Ecstasy.


We also offer Explosive Detection dogs.


If you would rather train a dog on your own or have a different trainer in mind, we would be happy to provide you with a green dog ready for training.


Whether your canine is provided by McDonough K-9 or a different vendor, we would be honored to provide you or your K-9 handler with training as well.


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