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Most customers arrive at the decision to purchase a protection dog after an event that has caused concern for their safety and/or security of their property.  


We understand that buying a personal or family protection dog can seem daunting if you are in a position where a protection dog is required.


McDonough K-9 has a solid background training personal protection dogs that integrate into your lifestyle.


We offer outstanding personal and family protection dogs backed by over 20 years of  law enforcement experience as Police K-9 Handlers/Trainers.  We've been in real-life situations where our own lives depended on the intervention of a well-trained police dog.  


Our protection dogs go through intensive training to fearlessly defend those in their charge from potential assailants, home invasion or other life-threatening events.


Our dogs are not kennel dogs, they live in our family homes and are raised around our children, family and other elements of family life.


All of our trainers are current, or former, Police K-9 officers with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in training dogs for personal protection.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of sellers offering "protection dogs" have never had their dogs perform the actual task of protecting someone in a life-threatening situation...We have.  


We don't select or train our protection dogs for sporting events such as Mondio, French Ring, KNVP Titled, SVV Titled or ZVV Titled.  That's fine, but they're Schutzhund trained dogs. They are trained for recreational use and have never engaged in real protection work.  They may, or may not, protect you or your family when needed.   Further, many of these dogs are bred and selected for show vs. possessing appropriate working bloodlines, confidence, drive and  training to protect you or your family in a life-threatening situation. 


If your home is broken into, and the attacker isn't wearing the familiar bite suit or training sleeve, a Schutzhund or trained sport dog may refuse the bite because the attacker isn't behaving as the dog is accustomed to and isn't wearing the "familiar equipment." 


We do not sell dogs only trained to bark and put up a front and call them protection dogs. We do not sell show ring dogs with obedience training and call them protection dogs.  


If you or your family are seeking a trained protection dog, please call our team.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements.  We can travel to you or you can come to us.

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